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General Meeting: Every second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Cedar Centre main hall the members of AVAAA meet for the General Meeting. Association business is discussed, votes taken when necessary and after a brief refreshment session there is an Art Demonstration. This meeting is free to everyone and you don't need to be member to attend.

Cedar Centre Art Gallery: All members are welcome to submit their work for exhibition in the members' Gallery. The work will be shown for a month and you will be contacted if there is an interested buyer. The work is juried in and there is no hanging fee. See Gallery Director.

Co-op Gallery: Members rent a gallery space in the Cedar Centre Art Gallery to sell their art. These members pay a monthly fee and must gallery-sit.

Studios: Upstairs, above the Gallery and facing Lancaster Blvd. AVAAA has a studio available for the members to use as a co-op work space. ~he light is from the North and the atmosphere is pleasant. You can use it 24 hrs. a day for painting, sculpture, or drawing. There is also a spacious, welllit studio upstairs that is devoted to printmaking with a small star-wheel etching press available to all members.

Showcase of Artists: You may exhibit in one of the area's offices or business establishments who have agreed to have our work on their walls. The exhibit is rotated every three months and there is no charge for this. If there is a buyer you will be contacted. See Showcase Chairperson.

Festivals: We participate in the Annual Juried Art Show at the Lancaster Art Gallery and Museum, the annual Antelope Valley Poppy Festival, Lilac Festival in Palmdale, Fine Arts Division of the Antelope Valley Fair, the Palmdale Fall Festival, and have our own Allied Art's Fall Festival in November. If you wish to participate, please check the Newsletter or Festival Chairperson.

Workshops: Members are encouraged to attend our painting workshops which take place every month. See Workshop Chairperson.

Art Classes: Check Newsletter for Class Information.

Library: As a member you may use our Reference Art Library for research or your own enjoyrnent. We have books, magazines and some art related videos.

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For further Antelope Valley Allied Arts Association information, send your E-mail to: alliedarts@msn.com

Antelope Valley Allied Arts Association - Cedar Centre
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 51, Lancaster, CA 93584-0051
Office Address: 44857 Cedar Avenue, Lancaster
Phone: (661) 726-0655 - Fax: (661) 726-0755
Website: www.avarts.org

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